Web Project Management: Development of 20,000 Websites Across 4 Countries

The driving idea behind the Tradesmen Australia Network can essentially be divided into four parts as seen below:

Tradesmen need a web presence which has good rankings on Search Engines to generate quality leads. Achieving that is expensive, frustrating and fraught with risk. Search Engine Optimisation is not an exact science, there is no degree for efficiency, so anyone can state they are an “SEO Expert”.

Often months or even years and thousands of dollars are invested into search engine optimization with little or no improvement to the site rankings. Examples of businesses scorned by dodgy SEO firms are unfortunately many and common.

On top of this keep in mind tradesmen are paying up to $20 per click for Google Adwords while our sites are available at $3 / mth

Tradesmen Network_ Cost Per Click Comparison

Our Pricing_ The Tradesmen Network

Introduction To The Tradesmen Network

How It Works_ The Tradesmen Network

Give Tradesmen a risk free option whereby their websites on the Tradesmen Australia Network are already ranking well in Search Engines, and they can literally start receiving leads from the first day.

To give tradies a fair go by providing a fast, quick and easy solution for generating leads that is also cost effective.

We are essentially engaging in local marketing on steroids. The intention is to create a strong local presence for our members in Search Engines, but to do it on a vast scope. This affords us huge economies of scale.

Project Manager

I conceived the idea for the Tradesmen Network based on my background in SEO. I realized there was the potential to game local listings for small businesses in local searches on search engines. The idea quickly grew when I realized the potential scale – all trades in all suburbs with a unique website on our network for all of them – it was no small undertaking.

The project lasted about 5 years with the network taking 2 years to fully build. In total it generated almost half a million dollars in revenue on autopilot – on average I used to spend 4 hours a week on it after I had refined and automated the processes.
But there is only so much time I could continue going to the beach to read my book … Thanks to the Tradesmen Network I was able to fulfill a dream of mine to do a PhD, something I had never realistically thought possible.

But the best thing about the Tradesmen Network was that it worked. I mean it really worked and all our clients generated a large number of leads. These guys were small businesses that were getting shafted by extortionate pay per click rates charged by hegemonic search engines and suddenly they were shaving thousands off their monthly marketing bills. That was awesome!
It’s for these reasons the Tradesmen Network is nominated as one our milestone projects

Chief Architect

This was a challenging but rewarding project 🙂